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EyeSense offers a comprehensive solution that combines comfort, energy efficiency, and climate action

By prioritising user comfort, optimising energy usage, and reducing carbon emissions, EyeSense is transforming the way we manage energy in buildings, making a positive impact on both individual wellbeing and the environment.

Experience the power of EyeSense and join us in creating a sustainable and comfortable future.

Eyesense goes to the Cambridge Mayballs

You have probably seen Eyesense at your Mayball and wondering what they are?

As part of the very strong sustainability drive from your Mayball commitee, they have ensured that the comfort and wellbeing of their Mayball guests is kept at the highest standard and that is how you have seen Eyesense around.

EyeSense diligently monitors your environmental conditions, ensuring optimal settings that enhance your wellbeing and comfort.

Eyesense will also use this information as a benchmark for all future Mayballs so that we can always strive on improving guests wellbeing whilst also helping the environment by reducing energy consumption.

What can Eyesense do for you?

EyeSense is an innovative energy management solution designed to prioritize comfort and wellbeing while significantly reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. With its advanced features and intelligent capabilities, EyeSense offers a seamless integration of technology and sustainability.

  • Intelligent Occupancy Detection:
    EyeSense utilizes state-of-the-art occupancy sensors to detect room occupancy in real-time. This enables precise control of heating, cooling, and lighting, ensuring that energy is only consumed when and where it's needed, maximizing comfort while minimizing wastage.

  • Integration with Renewable Energy Sources:
    EyeSense seamlessly integrates with renewable energy sources, such as solar panels or wind turbines, optimizing energy consumption based on the availability of clean energy. This helps reduce reliance on fossil fuels and promotes the use of sustainable energy alternatives.

  • Carbon Emission Tracking and Reporting: EyeSense calculates and tracks carbon emissions associated with energy consumption. Users can access detailed reports that highlight their carbon footprint, enabling them to monitor their environmental impact and make conscious choices to reduce emissions.

  • Adaptive Climate Control:
    With EyeSense, maintaining the perfect climate is effortless. The system continuously monitors environmental conditions and automatically adjusts heating, cooling, and ventilation settings to create an optimal indoor environment. This ensures a comfortable space while minimizing energy consumption.

Come and speak to Team Eyesense

You will see us around the Mayball so please come and have a quick introduction to Team Eyesense

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